Senior Engineer


Basin Commerce, headquartered in beautiful downtown Excelsior, MN, seeks our first in-house development leader to take our online marketplace to the next level. If you’re someone who can see the whole picture, devise solutions without a set model to follow, and deal with the unexpected, we want to chat with you.

About Basin

We’ve built the foundation of an Expedia-like booking experience for shipping all bulk goods including dry, liquid and project cargos. Our online marketplace matches shippers in need of bulk commodity transportation logistics services with service providers connected to the US Inland Waterways Systems. We are building relationships with shippers of all sizes as well as barge carriers and river terminals with transload and storage facilities.

Our outsourced team has done a fantastic job, and now it’s time to build ourselves.

What’s Important

The most important characteristic we look for is that you’re able to figure out what should be done and get it done—this requires thoughtfulness with a bias towards taking action and assuming responsibility. This is absolutely crucial in a small startup team, and for this reason, we prefer that you already have demonstrated this experience working in a prior startup.

Basin Commerce is a small team, and everyone contributes to the product. We expect you to care deeply about the product, understanding the tradeoffs between quality, performance, and time to ship. Much of the authority over how things get built ultimately reside with the person building it—that means you!

Who You Are

You’re someone that thrives in a fast-paced rapidly growing startup. You seek to take advantage of your software development skills & are itching for a chance to own the engineering show. It goes without saying that you are comfortable joining a company at the ground level.  

What You’ll Own

  • The translation of the ‘what’ into the ‘how’ at all levels of architecture, development, testing and release management.
  • The entire development stack from React on the front end to Node.JS, Typescript and Postgres on the back end.
  • Sure, we love AWS, Heroku, Twilio, Sendgrid, Stripe and others. They play a crucial role in the platform’s growth and we expect you know your way around them.

You Have the Following Skills and Experience

  • Exceptional design, coding skills along with strong technical acumen. 
  • You’ve done the startup thing before or can explain how your previous experience simulates this life of ours.
  • A customer-centric mentality. You want to do right by the customer and build technology to solve their pressing problems with freight logistics.

The Opportunity

Our office is in Excelsior, MN. When we go downtown, it’s to meet customers.

You’ll be exposed to all facets of the business. Culture is an important fit and should be to you as well.  

Be part of a team that believes in customer centricity, that technology to an underserved industry will make those participants more efficient and more profitable, and that ideas should flow from everywhere in the company.


Basin Commerce is an equal-opportunity employer and we are actively seeking a diverse team. If you’re an entrepreneur-at-heart who wants to have an outsized impact we’d love to hear from you!

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