Power & Control For The Occasional Barge Shipper

With iBookFreight, even the occasional bulk freight shipper can get the best possible deal by leveraging our vast network of service providers and buying power. We have relationships with over 40 barge lines and 1,500 river terminals, so when you work with us, you’re treated right; you’ll have the same buying power as the big shippers with just a few mouse clicks.

Simple, Fast, and Efficient

Our innovative software platform gives you instant quoting access to all barge lines and terminals. After you create your free account, simply set up a Project for your next freight move, specify details like cargo type, origination and destination. iBookFreight takes over from there and in a couple of days, you will have a myriad of options to choose from. iBookFreight manages the challenging issues like barge placement and releases, demurrage, and barge tracking, giving you the information needed to maximize your profitability on each move booked through iBookFreight. And once you buy your freight, iBookFreight delivers unprecedented post-sale operational support.

Demurrage Risk Mitigation

When you ship by barge, you’re choosing a safe, reliable transportation method; with iBookFreight, you’re also choosing reduced demurrage risk, and fewer headaches. Our platform will give you new insights into the status of your cargo movement and act as an “early warning system” that alerts you when demurrage charges may be coming. This knowledge gives you the power to control if, and when you agree to incur demurrage fees.

Real-Time Tracking

iBookFreight has innovative technology that allows you to access real-time tracking of your cargo shipments. Our platform is specifically designed for the barge industry and gives you a real-time map of the position of your freight on the waterway. You no longer have to wait for an email from the carrier, or call the dispatch office. Just log into your iBookFreight account any time of the day or night to find out where your shipment is.

Barge Placement & Releases

Each barge line has its own rules and terms. Placement dates mean different things to different carriers and terminals. And if you don’t understand the rules, you may get burned with unforeseen fees. iBookFreight takes the mystery and guesswork out of this process.    By working with all the carriers, we understand each of these rules and how to get your freight booked and scheduled in the most economic way possible.

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