- Basin Commerce Shipper

Where the hell has this been the last 5 years????



If you know how to use an app to hail a ride or book a room, then you know how to use Basin Commerce to ship your freight. You’re welcome.


                                Create Quote                                                  Compare Bids                                     Track Cargo

Creating an RFQ is like searching for a plane ticket. Enter a few pieces of information, select your needs, and submit.  

Time Saved: Enough to watch Season 6 of Game of Thrones (all at once….)

Daily updates direct to Basin. Access your map 24x7 from any device.


Questions answered before asked: Priceless

Basin reaches out to multiple carriers, gathers responses and organizes in a clear and consistent chart.


Headaches averted: 15 (and ½ bottle of Tylenol)


In just 9 months, shippers like you have moved over $14 million of cargo using Basin Commerce.


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You handle trading and making money. Let technology handle the logistics.


Are we just technology? No, we’re people too. See -- here we are.


Kim, Liz, Scott, Koop, Taylor


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