For Bulk Shippers Looking for a Rail or Truck Alternative

When you have large quantities to move, barge freight makes good sense. With iBookFreight, starting to use our inland waterways to transport your bulk materials and heavy equipment is easy and economical. A single barge can hold the equivalent of 70 trucks' worth of material, and is less expensive and easier than rail transport.

With our extensive network of barge lines, river terminals, and storage partners, we take care of everything. iBookFreight technology is built specifically for bulk freight, and gives you all the tools to manage all aspects of your bulk move from bidding and buying to tracking and tracing. Whether you’re importing or exporting goods, or moving products throughout North America, barge freight provides a safe, reliable, and efficient shipping option compared to rail and truck transport.

All You Need To Do Is Call

Basin Commerce offers full service logistics specializing in bulk freight using the U.S. Inland Waterways System. With one fifteen minute call, you can have our experts designing a solution specific to your needs. Our Basin Commerce Solutions Group moves all types of bulk commodities and raw materials along our nation’s “brown water” highways. We can move yours too.

Barge Shipping is Economical

You likely spend a lot of money trucking or railing your bulk freight. Shipping by barge consolidates those expenses into one extremely large load. We negotiate rates with the barge lines, and since we do it all the time, we can get the best pricing available. In fact, shipping by barge can save you as much as 50% over rail. And it’s a sustainable transportation method.

Barge Shipping is Convenient

With one partner in iBookFreight, you can you can move all of your material with ease. iBookFreight takes care of scheduling, managing the barge lines, river terminals, and storage along the route, and can give you access to real-time tracking. Fewer loads means less paperwork too. Compared to rail or truck transport, barging is also safer, easier on the environment, and carries a lower risk of damage to your materials.

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