State of the Art Software For The Frequent Barge Shipper

iBookFreight is focused on helping large shippers of bulk freight better manage the operational issues that most shippers deal with: Managing placement and release dates; Predicting and managing demurrage bills; Understanding the status of barges en route. With our advanced software technology, we provide state-of-the-art operational visibility into your barge freight movement as well as access to a barge spot market to your phone or PC.

All For One Monthly Fee

iBookFreight technology is built specifically for the barge freight industry. With this online platform, you will be able to:

  • Easily schedule placement and release dates with one, two, or multiple barge carriers based on your schedule, not theirs.
  • Manage and mitigate potential demurrage costs by having access to the data that drives up demurrage fees on your project.
  • Access data in real time in order to give you control of the costs, rather than the barge carrier.
  • Track your barge freight 24X7 on your phone or computer. No matter what barge carrier you use, you will get instant access to your barge positions any time of the day or night without waiting for your once a day update from the carrier.

iBookFreight Saves You Money and Time

With iBookFreight, you can realize significant hard-dollar savings on your bulk freight logistics through lower demurrge costs and great prices on spot buys and long term contracts. When you manage your barge freight with iBookFreight, you not only avoid the headaches associated with management of barge freight, you free up your internal resources as well. All the time and energy that you conserve with iBookFreight can be better directed at growing your business.  iBookFreight makes barge shipping easy, managing your loads painless, and maintaining your records automatic.

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