Moving Bulk Commodities at a Lower Price


3PLs Partner with Basin to Expand Their Business.


We partner, not compete, to offer your customers alternative bulk commodity logistics by leveraging our growing US domestic waterway partner network. 



Lower Costs

  • Barge transportation for bulk commodities is a cost effective altnerative to today's rail movement

  • Barges work best for high volume needs


Managed Risk

Basin Commerce manages the entire risk profile for waterway movement. Our partners are multi-generational experts and understand what it takes to move your product. 

 Our Partners are:

  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • Safe
  • Trusted

Route Diversity

Expand and multiply your route offerings. 

  • One barge provides 58 large semis worth of product

  • Although water usually takes longer than rail or truck, economic and ecological benefits are very advantageous for less time-sensitive shippers. 


Add a New Sales Offering 

Our partner network covers 82% of the US. Offer your customers more choices and alternatives to move product to the end destination.  

  • 25,000 navigable miles

  • Thousands of barges and tugboats

  • Capacity to grow with your customers