Conduit from Basin Commerce is a time-saving, “easy button” for shippers seeking organization and efficiency in purchasing bulk freight logistics.  Easily manage the flow of quotes, bids, relationships and operations to drive new revenue opportunities and better manage logistic expenses. 

What Conduit IS:

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It’s Standardizing the Quoting Process

  • Organize and facilitate service requests for quotes

  • Transparent, direct communications with providers

  • System of record for shippers

It’s Consistent Bidding Terminology

  • Familiar format for all quotes

  • Direct responses including commercial terms and legal contracts

  • Built-in communication tools to simplify the ask/request

It’s Operational Visibility

  • Track tows and barge positions

  • Store tonnage details, BOLs and more in a centralized location

  • Share details with key stakeholders

Why Consider Conduit

For shippers who need to do more in less time, Conduit is the technology for forward-thinking minds in the raw materials supply chain. It’s your brand out in the marketplace. We’re here to help you succeed.


Software-as-a-service platform

Secure / Private Environment

Monthly Subscription

Your Brand

Ongoing Feature Releases

Customized Data / CRM

For shippers with less volume and infrequent moves, consider our public marketplace,