Technology-First Solution in an Age Old Industry

Take a second to think about how quickly Google provides us with a plethora of answers to almost every question. Or how the majority of people who own a smartphone say they feel “lost” if they don’t have it with them. The world as we live in it today is technology driven and that technology is ever changing. Why can’t bulk freight shippers have a taste of that rapid change in our approach to logistics?

Well now they can. The technology-first solution that Basin Commerce provides to bulk freight shippers is refreshing. Shippers log into their account, input their movement needs, confirm the quote they wish to move forward with, and then track their movements with real time visibility … all from their Basin Commerce account. It’s like going to Target … you can get groceries, clothes, sporting equipment, and toothpaste, all in one place! The platform allows shippers to review all of the information without all of the effort. Letting the technology track the barges, the tonnages, the placement dates, etc. allows for shippers to manage their moves more efficiently.  It also helps to manage demurrage so that shippers aren’t blindsided with a large demurrage invoice.

Since the majority of our waking hours are spent using technology, with most of that time on our phones, it’s time that shippers have the ability to book their commodity shipments on the rivers from pretty much anywhere. Being able to provide this technology-focused solution to shippers moving their materials down the river is something that we at Basin Commerce take pride in.