Why would you put your faith in Basin Commerce?

When trying out a new product or company for the first time, I’m always a little skeptical as to what the results are going to be. I could be completely blown away and fall in love, I could shrug my shoulders and either take it or leave it, or I could vow to never buy/use anything from that company ever again. If you’re the company, you make sure your customers are blown away and fall in love with you during that first bite, conversation, smell, experience, whatever it may be. You want your customers to have full faith in you to provide them with that they are looking for and what they need.

If you’re a bulk shipper and have the opportunity to book and track your movements with an online logistics company, you have to have full faith in that company to make sure your materials get where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there. But how do you put that faith into a company like that? You find Basin Commerce and allow them to show you how.

Basin Commerce puts the customer first from the very first conversation. But what does that mean? It means having open communication at all times and always being available by email or phone for any questions the customer may have. It means proactively reaching out and providing information to customers before they ask. It means making sure that each customer doesn't just feel like they are the top priority but that they are the top priority. It means taking the daily hassle of phone calls and emailing multiple carriers away from the customer. When a customer has all of those things going for them, they can easily and whole-heartedly put their faith in that company.

Think about your relationship with Amazon. Why do you put your faith and trust in Amazon as a company? A few reasons that come to mind for me are a wide variety of products, fast delivery - I get things when I need them, and they are just plain easy to work with. Or what about Expedia? You get multiple options presented to you, updates on price changes, and you’re able to run the exact same search on other travel sites.

Basin Commerce strives to be that company bulk freight shippers using the inland waterways put their faith and trust into.