Bulk Freight Bookings Made Easy

A more efficient way to book bulk freight? I wish. That’s the mindset of most bulk freight shippers out there. But there is a light at the end of the barge … er, I mean tunnel. And that light comes with the name of Basin Commerce.

Basin Commerce is an online marketplace that brings true efficiencies to the way shippers of bulk freight shop, book and observe the movement of their goods across the US Inland Waterway System.

The platform allows shippers of bulk commodities to input a request for a quote (RFQ) into our booking engine iBookFreight.com and then, essentially, sit back and relax … Basin Commerce does the rest. Once the RFQ is submitted, the marketplace elicits bids from its growing provider network based on the details provided. From there, iBookFreight collects the incoming bids and presents the variety of available options to the shipper. Once the shipper selects the option for their move, Basin Commerce handles and executes the contracts and communications with the provider and terminal. After the commodity is loaded, the shipper is provided with real time visibility into the movement of their shipment.

There’s even a really cool infographic that shows all these steps here: https://www.basincommerce.com/booking-engine/

Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, it kind of is. The iBookFreight booking engine reduces the stress and the time shippers spend having to call multiple providers to see if they can possibly get the best rate on their move. Real time visibility provides the shipper with the knowledge of where their material is at any given point along the river.

Now instead of shippers saying “I wish” when talking about a more transparent and efficient way to moving their material, they now can just go to Basin Commerce and a few clicks later, their wish can become a reality.