Customer Service ... what's that??

Think about the last time you had an issue with an order and you had to call the customer service number for the company. I can bet it went one of two ways. Your call went smoothly and you got an answer that you were hoping for and were pleased with. That call was obviously with a company that had great customer service. Or your entire day was ruined because of the bad service and even worse answer, or lack of an answer, you received. That was with a company that clearly doesn’t have customer service.

What if more companies grasped the concept of “our customers come first”? Well, we like to think we are one of those companies here at Basin Commerce. I know that there are days that everyone wishes they had an easy button they could press while at work and it would be smooth sailing.

We provide that smooth sailing experience. We make sure that your bulk commodity move, whether it is grains, sand, or gingerbread houses, gets loaded when it should, makes it way up or down the rivers as it should, and gets unloaded as it should. We work with you as our customer (just stating the obvious here!), the barge provider company, the origin and destination terminals, and even the end buyer in some cases.

Communication is key and we know that your moves are important to you and your business. One way we provide updates is through our online technology ‘portal’, giving you access as often as you want it. Further, all parties are able to view our tracker tool for visibility along the supply chain. We are also extremely transparent and believe that our customers need to know about any issues as soon as they might arise.

Last, feedback is an important mechanism that any online marketplace [link to marketplace blog] needs to incorporate into the experience. As a shipper, we’ll be asking why you selected certain quotes (which we anonymously share with the carriers) which helps us create that private yet needed level of visibility. For barge lines, we ask why a particular opportunity was declined to help us refine our matching engine.

You never stop learning and feedback is one of the best teachers!

A company that is able to provide transparent and open communication is a company that is customer centric. We pride ourselves on feedback like this: “I really appreciated the support Basin provided me during my barge move. A real gem to work with and look forward to the next one.”  

That is our focus and our customer promise. Providing our customers with a seamless experience from start to finish.