THE Marketplace for Bulk Freight

Meet Joe. (Joe is just a name that popped into my head so he’s technically not a real person). But back to Joe. Joe, who lives in New York and uses online marketplaces for many aspects of his daily life, has been asked to plan out all of the details for his family’s annual trip. And I mean all of it ... flights, hotels, transportation, meals, etc.

First thing Joe does is go to, an online marketplace for booking travel. Joe doesn’t just get one option for flights, he gets a handful. And while he’s there, he’s able to also book the hotel. Again, a handful of options. And he knows that once they’re ready to leave for the airport, he’ll just use his Uber app, a marketplace for finding “taxis”, and he’ll know exactly when that car will arrive because he’s able to track it. And when they’re on their vacation, and they don’t want to leave the beach, they can just use GrubHub, yet another marketplace but this one’s for food delivery, and order a delicious lunch to be delivered right to them.

Joe is also a bulk freight shipper on the rivers but doesn’t know a marketplace exists for booking his freight moves. Joe still calls around to multiple barge carrier companies, leaving messages and waiting to hear back. Once he does hear back, he then has to make sure he has tracked all of the quotes that he has received. And then, he has to make sure he has the loading terminal lined up and available for the date he wants to load his material. Once all of that is figured out and confirmed, then comes the logistics of talking to the correct people at the terminal and the barge line to get the barge number, the loading date, etc. Then comes the communication back and forth to determine when the barge has arrived, when it’s finished and released and then being able to track the barge once it’s moving on the river.

Since Joe uses marketplaces elsewhere in his life, he would benefit greatly from using Basin Commerce and the iBookFreight booking engine. Just like Expedia, iBookFreight provides shippers with a handful of quote options and one click later, their shipment is booked. After a quick confirmation call, Joe would be able to sit back and relax knowing that his shipment was ready to go. And then he’s able to track his shipment through close to real time map tracking.

Marketplaces are everywhere and the simple mechanics of them makes day to day tasks and activities that much more manageable. iBookFreight makes the bulk freight shipping industry much more manageable.