Customer Service ... what's that??

Think about the last time you had an issue with an order and you had to call the customer service number for the company. I can bet it went one of two ways. Your call went smoothly and you got an answer that you were hoping for and were pleased with. That call was obviously with a company that had great customer service. Or your entire day was ruined because of the bad service and even worse answer, or lack of an answer, you received. That was with a company that clearly doesn’t have customer service.

Capacity Comparisons of Rail vs. Barge

Finding the most economical and efficient way to store and move things can be a lot work. Kind of like when you’re grocery shopping and you try to fit all of your goods into 3 or 4 bags so you only have to make one trip into the house, which I do. Every. Single. Time. Because let’s face it, fewer bags are easier to handle and it’s more convenient.