Logistics Architects Working for You

The Basin Solutions Division helps bulk shippers scope, analyze and execute the best logistics solution for their needs.  And in many cases bulk freight can be best solved with barge transportation solution alternatives to rail that offer lower costs and better management of volume-based shipments.  Our team provides the visibility and high-touch access to make sure your cargo moves smoothly every time.


Basin logistic architects first understand the core of any project: what is moving, where, how much, with what frequency and for how long. Knowing traditional routes and modes are important facts as the team assembles alternatives.


Once the current logistics plan is understood, the Basin Provider Network of river terminals, transload facilities and barge carriers is leveraged to determine route alternatives and outline unit economics for comparison to existing movements.  And, with the Basin Solutions Division, you receive a one-stop shop for legal contracts and financial flows to simplify the operations and reduce back-office requirements.


Once the best route is determined, the cost models are in place, Basin executes agreements with the barge carriers and terminal operators to set the supply chain in motion. We provide access to BargeTracker, our real time view into all movements on the inland waterways across all carriers, as well as weekly updates (or more often if requested) with the right level of detail.

With the Basin Solution Division, think of us as extended members of your team. We work hard every day to earn that trust.


To talk to a logistics solution architect, email us at solutions@basincommerce.com or complete the form below. We look forward to understanding how barge transportation can play a role in your supply chain logistics.

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