Visibility 24x7 of barge freight movements

Access to information in today's world is as simple as point and click on the web. We believe this should apply to barge freight moving on the US Inland Waterways System as well.

BargeTracker℠, a solution for both shippers and terminal operators, consolidates all your movements onto a single map for ready access and review. Whether you're sitting at your desk or on the go with your mobile phone, it's as easy as a click of a link and zoom in to have 24x7 real time access.
BargeTracker image v2-01.png

When shippers use our booking engine,, each barge in a project will be available via BargeTracker. And, for shippers booking elsewhere, we offer BargeTracker on a subscription basis, giving you valuable information each month.

Terminals in the Basin Provider Network also have access to BargeTracker when a project is booked online. Knowing where a tow is at all times of the day helps with prioritizing load / unload schedules and scheduling manpower shifts.  BargeTracker is also available via a subscription basis, helping you manage all incoming and outgoing barges.

Visibility. Access. Information. At your fingertips. That's BasinSmart℠.

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