Basin Commerce provides software solutions for the bulk freight industry. Our platforms increase efficiencies for supply chain professionals looking to source and manage their logistics activities and for industry participants to easily manage their sales flow.  


The Basin Team

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Tom Venable, CEO

A serial software startup guy and market disruptor, Tom spent the 90s helping to bring office automation software to the corporate world and making the typewriter obsolete. He then spent the 00s helping usher in the era of eCommerce and putting the floppy disk in the same category as the dodo bird. As CEO of Basin Commerce, Tom is helping move the bulk freight market from the Tom Sawyer era to the Internet era. While he isn’t busy disrupting entire markets, he can be found on the water, the snow or the deck at Lord Fletchers on Lake Minnetonka.   



Pete Olson, Chief Builder

Always reliable for a solid “dad Joke” or a less-than solid technology pun. Pete is Basin's Chief Builder- tech wizard and product guru at Basin Commerce - and unremarkably doing so (up until just a few weeks ago) with an iPhone 5 (don’t ask). Pete has been putting his blood, sweat and craft beers into Basin Commerce since day one. On the weekends, you can find him hacking at the golf course (with his kids carrying his clubs) or seeking warmer climates. Unrelated fact: Spotify might or might not be Pete’s streaming app of choice.



Scott Stefan, Vice President of Sales

He's a former pharmacist turned commodity trader, but is really a traveling salesman at heart. Scott is always available - in fact, his cell phone should be considered an extra limb. If getting haircuts is a hobby, it’s one of his favorites.  He loves to try new restaurants with his wife and if either of his sons called him and asked to watch paint dry with them (or his grandson needs a diaper change), he'd be there in .02 seconds.



JTenbrink 3.jpg

Jason Tenbrink, Lead Software Engineer

Jason is originally from New Mexico and enjoys a good spicy salsa.  He loves computers, loves building things and loves the creativity required to build complex software systems.  He enjoys a good game of Battlestar Galactica.  Other nerdy pursuits include assembling Ikea furniture and quoting the Big Lebowski. 



Dan Moldenhauer, Controller

Dan is the Controller of Basin Commerce - aka "the money guy."  When Dan isn’t counting (and forecasting) beans, you can find him hanging out with his dog, Trooper, heading off to Lambeau with his season tickets to watch the Packers during football season, or putzing with the many landscape projects he doles out during the summer months. His specialty is spreadsheets utilizing complex formulas… which, he cautions, are better not to look at directly without a special pair of formula glasses.



Liz McPherson, Logistics Coordinator

Liz is the maternal warmth of the Basin Commerce team. She takes pride in making sure our customers are number one in her role as Logistics Coordinator, which she has been in since May 2017. Along with her motherly persona comes wicked organization and a passion for Irish whiskey - a fierce combination. Normally tender hearted, she is wildly upset by Green Bay Packer losses and poor selections on movie Wednesday. Spending quality family time with her two kids or watching HGTV are just two of the many things she likes to do on the weekend.



Kim Lucido, Director of Sales

With a passion for puzzles, Kim joined the Basin team in October of 2017 as Director of Sales and brings 14 years of river transportation experience with her. A member of the #MOB club (Mom of Boys), Kim loves the daily challenge of making things work in her personal and professional life. From daily logistics, inventory management, freight sales, boat dispatching and contract management her professional portfolio continues to grow. On the weekends you can find her with her family at one of many different sports complexes in the StL area.  Unrelated fact: Kim loves the Chicago Cubs...  #FlytheW



Ben Koop, Inside Sales Manager

Guitar player. Pessimistic Vikings fan. Ben started in May of 2017 right out of school, and was thrilled to join the Basin Commerce team as an intern before coming on full time as Inside Sales Manager. Ben keeps everyone in the office feeling young- he's a proud first-time homeowner, working diligently on his culinary skills, and has already shown he can make a pretty mean taco. On the weekends, he can be found trying to relive his college parties or singing Johnny Cash covers at the local bowling alley.



Krista Grundmeier, Director of Talent

Krista, a self-proclaimed “Cool-Mom”, heads Basin Commerce’s talent-acquisition. She is passionate about building a team of industry-influencers and creating a culture where she (and everyone else) wants to come to work. In her spare time, you can find Krista at the nearest Life Time working out (aka sitting out at the pool), walking around the lakes with her family, or anxiously waiting to beat someone in scrabble.



Jackie Venable, Product Manager

Everyone has that one friend who can get so excited and passionate about something that it is borderline annoying… Here at Basin Commerce, that person in Jackie.  Whether it’s politics, music, boating or technology, Jackie brings a passion and energy that can’t be matched. Software salesperson, turned Product Manager, she hopes to bring that passion and energy to the Basin Commerce team as well as the bulk freight industry.  At her core, Jackie is a true Minnesotan. In the short summer months, you can find her on a boat somewhere, drinking Canadian Whiskey. During the cold winters (about 8 months of the year), you can find her by the fireplace doing a puzzle or at a bar, drinking Canadian Whiskey…


Our Customer

Always representing. Maybe at a Zac Brown concert- or huddled down in the office doing right for her buyers and sellers. Certainly working with a smile and happy to talk with our team on how we can improve her day!




Aimee Andres, Executive Director for the Inland Rivers, Ports and Terminals

Executive Director for the Inland Rivers, Ports and Terminals, Aimee has extensive contact with members of the Association in order to identify points of interest or concern and to optimize their benefits. Representing the interests of members in each river basin, Aimee encourages continued cooperation with local, state and federal authorities as well as other waterway associations to promote the value of the inland waterway system.

Before IRPT, Aimee worked in the title insurance industry for over 15 years. Working for both small and global companies, she performed property searches for nearly 20 counties in two states and assisted daily with escrow settlements. While pursuing a degree in business management, Aimee also worked with her father in the railroad industry identifying new market opportunities and public relations. Learning from her father who is a past President and Chairman of IRPT, Aimee has first-hand knowledge of the existing issues and potential growth in the industry.

Aimee is an Accredited Maritime Port Executive awarded by the International Association of Maritime Port Executives and recognized by the Maine Maritime Academy and Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business and Logistics. She serves on the Board of Directors for the National Waterways Conference and the International Association of Marine Port Executives.


Dan Nisbit, CD Corp Terminal

As a terminal owner and operator for the past 25 years, Dan has spent over half of his life immersed in transportation and logistics on the Upper Mississippi. He has worked with companies of all sizes moving a wide variety of products including grains, urea, sand and salt, as well as irons, distiller’s dried grains and other specialty products. Dan provides industry guidance and expertise for Basin Commerce as we modernize and simplify the day to day interactions between bulk customers and providers. 


Jeffrey C. Robbins, Founder of AngelPolleNation

For over 30 years, Jeff has represented entrepreneurs who start and grow technology-based enterprises and angel and venture investors who target those companies. Clients seek his assistance in strategic business plan development; entity selection and formation; private and public fundraising (including crowdfunding) and securities law compliance; employment and compensation plans and agreements; and merger and acquisition activities.  Having started two companies in the entertainment ticketing industry, he understands the challenges and demands faced by business owners and uses his experience when providing counsel to his clients.

Jeff is the founder of AngelPolleNation, a Twin Cities networking organization that furthers awareness, communication and education among solo investors, informal investment clubs and formal angel investment groups.  APN has hosted over 25 quarterly events and profiled over 60 companies since inception in 2011.  APN also runs Piranha Pool™, an annual live investor event at the spring MinneBar tech conference.  Jeff is an advisory board member to Gopher Angels, a local investor network and he is a judge in the high tech division of the annual Minnesota Cup business plan competition.

Jeff serves a board member of Venture Academies (VA), a charter school that started up in fall 2013. A Gates Foundation award winning recipient, VA utilizes blended learning strategies with a technology twist to nurture budding entrepreneurs through high school.  Jeff is also a board member of the Minnesota Jewish Theater Company – the only independent theater company in the U.S. that stages stories about Jewish history and culture with themes universal to people of all backgrounds.